Production Facilities

Production Facilities

    At present Maxfair has fully operational plant at Sreepur, Savar, Dhaka. The Savar manufacturing plant is located about 35 Km north of Dhaka City.

Savar Plant

The modern plant has fancy manufacturing facilities covering two stored buildings with an area of 16000 square feet.

The production sites follow the GMP guidelines for environmental requirements of the manufacturing and packaging area.

It has:

Sophisticated Auto Machineries

Robust Technology

Rich R&D Facility

High Quality Standard

Skilled & Innovative Man power

The following group of Products are manufactured at Maxfair &Company Ltd.

Mother Tincture Products

Bio-chemic Products

Biochemic Blister Products

Trituration 3x Products

Trituration 3x Blister Products

Tincture Trituration Products

Bio-Combination Products

Combination in brand name

Patent in Dosage Forms

Homoeopathic Ointment Cream

Homoeopathic Oil group

Non Medicated Vehicles (Globules/ Sugar)

Blank Tablets

Purified Water